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Why not same sex marriage? 
Californians have said twice to keep marriage between 1 man and 1 woman.  Legalizing same-sex marriage will negatively affect society and children.  You can choose an emotional approach to look at the issue, but here is a rational and logical reasoning.

We respect people's right to choose if the choice is beneficial to and embraced by the society at large.  Marriage is an institution we would like children to model after.  A good law means if everyone practices it, the world would become a saver and better place. 

Let's look at some key issues of same-sex marriage:

88% of Americans think infidelity is morally wrong... more>>

Yet infidelity is common in gay marriage/partnership... more>>   more>>

Study shows that less satisfying and volatile homosexual relationships contributes to high suicide rate... more>  and high HIV infection rate...more>

LGBT families experience more domestic violence than heterosexual couples...more>
They inflict more harm towards other gays...more>
And studies show men and women in same sex marriages die younger...more> and more>

With more infidelity, more suicide, more HIV, more domestic violence, wouldn't same sex marriage/family pose danger to children?  How can a rational society embrace and legalize such relationships?
Marriage is not just for the pleasure of the adults, but also for the protection of children, providing a stable and healthy environment and passing along a value system... more>>

Legalizing same-sex marriage would encourage people to experiment with homosexuality. ...Dutch experience..more>>  Other European experience...more>>

Even gay strategist admit that they are trying to indoctrinate little children via education and legislation (reference).  Legalizing same-sex marriage would facilitate their cause even more. 

Sexual behaviors of teens are affected by the media (reference).  Legalizing same-sex marriage would permit a wide media promotion of same-sex relationships, thus bringing about an increase of teenage homosexual experimentation...(more)

Children raised by homosexuals appear to be about seven times more likely to develop homosexual or bisexual preferences than children raised by heterosexuals.  (reference)

What happen to countries that legalized same sex marriage?
Fast forward in time, what happens to Europe now will show us the future of USA.   more>>

Marriage is neither a basic human right nor a civil right.
Let's look at the meaning of civil rights and what the founders said....  more>>

Paper written by Princeton professors says (p.273) "Any principles that would justify the legal recognition of same-sex relationshops would also justify the legal recognition of polyamorous and non-sexual ones." ...more>
What about the rights of the general public?
For people who do not believe in same-sex marriage, their opinion may become a "hate speech"....  more>>.

Is same sex marriage equal to inter-racial marriage?
It is like saying apple is equal to orange.  Consider the differences....  more>>

Examples in Europe show most gays do not want to marry anyway.
In 1995, the number of registered same-sex unions in Sweden is reported to be about 1,500 (for a total of 3,000 individuals) out of the estimated homosexual and lesbian population of 140,000.  more>>

Marriage requires more than just love
Marriage is not just a legalization of two persons who are in love, it also involves.... more>>

If everyone in the world practices same-sex marriage, human race would soon become extinct.

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